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I’m here to help you keep your small business running smoothly. Keep reading to find out more about my email marketing, virtual assistance and invoicing and bookkeeping services.

Email marketing - Mailchimp and Mailerlite

Set up

Sometimes starting is the hardest part. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin with a new tool, especially if you are new to email marketing.

So let me get it started for you. I will ask for some details about your business, image files of your logo and then take it from there.

Your account will be set up, verified and ready for you to get stuck in to the exciting bit – emailing your customers!

From £175


Even once your account is set up correctly, you might still feel unsure about where to go next.

Where are all my subscribers? How can I make a signup form? How do I actually write an email?

I can answer all these questions, and any others you may have, through your bespoke training package. You will leave our session (or series of sessions) with the knowledge and confidence you need to email your customers with ease and get more sales.

From £200


Love writing, hate tech?

If you provide me with the words and images, I will prepare, format, check and send your email to your customers.

Get your emails sent, sithout having to do the boring bits.

From £50 per email


What are automations? They are actions within your email list that can be set up to happen automatically. They include:

  • Sending a freebie to people who sign up to your list
  • Sending a tailored series of messages to welcome people to the list and your world
  • Adding people to specific groups within your list, depending on what they are interested in
  • Prompting customers to review a product they have bought from you
  • And more!


I can set up any of these automations to help your business run more smoothly. Send me a message and we can discuss which ones you might need and get them started.

From £100

Problem solving call

£ 75
  • Got a niggly technical problem with Mailchimp or Mailerlite?
  • When you book, you answer some questions about your problem, and if I can get it sorted in half an hour, we'll hop on a zoom call and make it happen.
  • I explain everything clearly and share my screen, so you can learn exactly how I fixed it and how you can fix it if it happens again.
  • You can get back to the smooth process of emailing your customers.
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Virtual assistance

Do you know what a virtual assistant is? It’s someone like me, who takes care of the parts of your business that you find too fiddly, too technical or just don’t want to do!

I’ve been doing this since 2003 and have many regular clients because they know how versatile I am – particularly with anything to do with IT and software which is helpful when you’re running a small business.

Why spend hours trying to work it out yourself when you could get me to do it for you?

Remember that a day of your time spent on your core business, rather than wasting time trying to work out some new software, will bring you income. Spending money on a few hours of my time will still leave you in profit.

Some of the things I can take care of for you include:

This list is not exhaustive. If there is an area of your business that you are struggling with, let me know and we can discuss how I can help.

Invoicing and bookkeeping

A client showed me how to use their Xero accounts system when Xero was still quite new. Prior to that I’d been using Sage and Excel spreadsheets to help my small business clients keep track of their invoicing, expenses and VAT returns. I’m now a bit of a whizz at Xero: setting up new subscriptions, compiling complex invoices, keeping track of expenses and making sure the recharges get forwarded on and paying suppliers, along with coding everything correctly, ready for working with accountants to get tax returns submitted.

The financial support I offer includes:

Got a different bookkeeping problem? I may be able to help – just ask.