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Virtual Operations Assistance

Virtual Operations Assistance? What does that mean? The short answer is – anything you want it to!

  • Help to run your business more effectively
  • Saving you time by doing the jobs you don’t want to
  • Saving you stress by doing the jobs you’re not good at

You probably know what a Virtual Assistant is? I became one in 2003, mostly taking on a named role in a few small companies. Often the first tasks which the overloaded partners and directors needed help with in their growing management consultancies was: invoicing their clients, processing expenses, compiling reports and documents; develop internal procedures, set up their technology. I became adept at the IT that works for small businesses, helping small companies to present themselves professionally.

Now, I still have a named role in a few companies and some others who return every time they need help with a project, either the same work I’ve done for them before, or new projects – because they know how versatile I am – particularly with anything to do with IT and software which is helpful when you’re running a small business.

Why spend hours trying to work it out yourself when you could get me to do it for you?

Remember that a day of your time spent on your core business, rather than wasting time trying to work out some new software, will bring you income. Spending money on a few hours of my time would still leave you in profit.

A non-exhaustive list of possibilities:

  • Invoicing & Bookkeeping using Xero
  • Newsletter set up – Mailchimp mostly
  • WordPress website updates
  • Microsoft Teams working
  • Professional email set up
  • Word document advanced formatting
  • Social media account assistance