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Mailchimp Setup & Training

  • Helping you to keep in touch with your previous and potential clients
  • Teach you the technology, or manage it for you so that you don’t have to
  • Automated processes so that you’re communicating while you sleep

Mailchimp has been the best free to use email newsletter system for some time. You do need to pay after you have 2,000 contacts but there’s a lot a small business can do with Mailchimp before having to commit to a paid subscription. You’ll have plenty of time to build your audience, try out your messaging and ways of communicating. On a paid account, there are even more possibilities for staying in touch with your contacts, attracting more and monitoring which of your approaches bring the most success.

A non-exhaustive list of possibilities:

  • Set up a Mailchimp account with initial settings
  • Mailchimp training
  • You provide the content & images, I set up your mailing
  • Create landing pages
  • Create ‘automations’ (sequence of emails initiated by triggers)
  • Integrate Apps with your Mailchimp mailings

Having sung the praises of Mailchimp, there other newsletter mailing programmes which may do what you want better, or for free when you need to pay for the facility in Mailchimp. Talk to me – I can help you decide which is the right programme for you.

Impoving your email marketing using Mailchimp